BackPacker UltraLite only $149.99


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I use the BackPacker for wedding videography. It's great because it comes assembled (just put it on a tripod), gives a ton of reach, and is durable. I've never had a problem with it and it totally exceeded my expectations. Great work CobraCrane.

Tom A.

The Backpacker is so easy to use. The value it adds to each production is amazing.


The CobraCrane Pan Kit is exactly what I was looking for! This is the best thing I have ever purchased from Cobra Crane. It was confusing to setup at first with the paper instructions, I didn't know there was a VERY helpful video on how to set it up. It's on cobra cranes's youtube channel and on their website under the pan tilt head on how to set it up. Cobra Cranes setup videos (the newer ones) really go in depth and are great quality! I just wish this pan kit was a little more portable, since I don't really like to bend the wires. 5 Stars.

Michael V.


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Our vision is to Keep Inventing Simpler Solutions pertaining to camera support and control systems, offering the digital filmmaker and production professional the tools required to get shots, angles and moves you could not get any other way for a price that is simply unbeatable. To offer smaller facilities with economical tools to cost effectively create higher quality product than the competing companies.  To showcase affordable, durable, high value American made Camera Motion Equipment.