SteadySlider 1 meter Intelligent motion control Carbon Fiber camera slider

SteadySlider 1 meter Intelligent motion control Carbon Fiber camera slider

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ProLine Carbon Fiber SteadySlider Intelligent Motion Control System The intelligent Carbon Fiber Motion Control Camera Slider from CobraCrane.

ProLine SteadySlider Intelligent Motion Control System The intelligent Motion Control Camera Slider from CobraCrane. The new ProLine SteadySlider camera slider provides silky smooth, controllable, dramatic sliding and dolly action in an easy to use, truly affordable lightweight package. Whether you want to shoot fast live action or slow, dramatic slides and dolly moves, the SteadySlider will help you make better videos and help you to do it smarter.

The SS100A is a 39 inch (1 meter) slider (37 inches actual travel) made of lightweight aluminum construction. The system weighs less than 3.5lbs. (1.5 kg) and is simple to setup and use. The fine powder coated finish will provide years of trouble free service. Adjustable legs make it easy to align for almost any task, while tripod mounts allow the system to run on a pair of tripods as well. The soft tires allow the system to run quiet and vibration free.

You can easily control the camera slider with the included joystick. The speed is controlled by you. You can run it quickly or maybe just have it run nice and slow while you shoot a stationary object.

A free mobile app is available for download giving you precise control over every function of your SteadySlider. You can set the slider to run a single move at a given duration, or even running a whole stack of moves, one right after the other at any speed or duration. You can set the time a move starts, where it goes, and how long it takes to get there. With the optional ProLine Intelligent PanTilt system you can also control the pan and tilt at the same time. The controller constantly sends positional feedback to the app so you know where the slider is. You can simply press a desired location on the virtual slider on your smartphone and the camera will go right there, right away. Our ProLIneApp, available via free download will allow you to run in real time, create and modify moves, stack them up into a moveStack and run an endless variety of stop actions, repeatable moves, live action, timed moves, and timelapse, from just a few seconds to hours to even days.

The SteadySlider includes connector ports to plug it into other ProLine systems including the ProLine PanTilt Intelligent Motion Control System. These allow the units to run in sync, allowing the pan and tilt to "slave" to the slider, so that you can maintain a subject in frame without any human intervention. Once the systems are together they can all be run in sync via the App. So now you can make 3 axis moves over time at any speed or any duration you require.

A USB port is included for uploading firmware revisions as well as serial communication to computer via USB. A BlueTooth adapter included for communications to the SmartPhone App. A ProLine comm port provides signals to travel between SteadySlider and other ProLine equipment. The Joystick Comms port allows easy connection to the included Joystick.

Features & Benefits:

  • Light Weight Carbon Fiber & CNC Aluminum Construction
  • Single Person Transport, Setup, Operation
  • Built in Joystick control
  • Easy to Use
  • Sets up in only a few minutes
  • Easily Transported and Stored


  • Actual Length: 42 inches / 110 cm
  • Usable Length: 3 feet 2 inches / 96cm
  • Carry Weight: 3.7 lb.  / 1.3kb
  • Camera Capacity:  11 lbs. / 5 k


What's Included:

  • SteadySlider Assembly
  • Joystick Panel
  • Joystick to Slider assembly cabling
  • Remote cable assembly for Canon EOS with 3.5 mini stereo connector
  • others sold separately
  • Ac power supply 12v 4amp included
  • Adapters available for Lipo battery operation min 12v. max 30v
  • Installation guide