Collection: Accessories

Accessories to Enhance your Work

Having the right tools available to you when you need them is the key to getting the job done efficiently and effectively. We have designed a line of accessories to help camera operators, not only be efficient and effective, but also to be prepared for virtually any situation you might run into while in the field. From replacement parts to monitoring to lighting to transporting, these accessories will enhance your overall experience with the products.

Cable Operated PanHead

Ideal for repositioning the camera when at the end of your crane or slowly panning the head getting additional capabilities from your crane systems. New moves are now available including dutch rolls and simple pans. Our super simple panning kit attaches to any FotoCrane or CobraCrane and adds the dimension of localized panning to your shots.

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Padded Carry BackPacks 

The Padded Carry Bags are made of durable canvas and nylon covering a foam pad formed to the bag. Each bag features handles, shoulder strap and backpack straps so you can carry your crane or dolly completely hands free.

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Quick Release Systems

Our quick release systems allow you to quick release your camera to and from the CobraCranes, FotoCranes, SteadyTrackers and your Manfrotto 501 based tripod heads.

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Low Mode Cages

Low mode cages allow you to capture motion shots at ground level easily and affordable. We offer a small open sided cage for small camcorders and DSLRs as well as a larger cage for bigger heavier camcorders. Both cages offer tilting capabilities.

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3 foot extension kits

These kits work for any of the five foot cranes, making them 8 foot cranes. The extension kits can be added and removed in about 5 minutes and increase the reach of the crane by 3 feet.

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Lanc Controller

The LNC50 controller controls Focus, Zoom, Record, Search Forward and Backwards, Photo Mode and more without ever jarring the camera! Includes a 6’ or 12' extension cable.

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Weight Bags

With our weight bags you can carry less weight. You can fill them up with weight on site such as rocks and sand. You can hold your tools and batteries and accessories, or even stick a bunch of water bottles in there. Makes it easy and convenient to counter balance your crane

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