Weight Bags

Why Carry Weight to the Job?

Each weight bag allows for easy balancing with almost any sort of counterweight, such as water bottles, fruits, batteries, tools and rocks.
Getting to the job should be easy and our CobraCrane and BackPacker weight bags make it even easier. The weight bags are made with thick dual layer canvas with double stitching making for an excellent substitute as opposed to carrying barbell weights.

The Weight bags allow you to put almost anything in the bag to help counterweight your camera. By using batteries, tools, and other extra pieces you need to bring on set with you for counterweight, you can eliminate carrying that extra counterweight to the set. You can use water bottles, sand bags, rocks, and a variety of other materials to counterweight your camera. The metal zippers make it easy to get to and from the gear in the bag making it easy to adjust weight in seconds.

The weight bags come in three different types. Each one is designed for a specific crane setup.

WB1 $19.99

The WB1 is designed for single arm CobraCrane1, CobraCrane1X, CobraCrane1P, CobraCrane1HD and CobraCrane UltraLite 1. They slip on to where the weight bolt and handle are and can be fitted for either left or right hand pocket. These bags can be used on ANY single arm cranes.

Two pockets allow you to put lots of tools, batteries, water bottle, rocks and other stuff to balance the load

WB2 $24.99

Our WB2 is for any dual arm system such as the CobraCrane 2, CobraCrane UltraLite 2 systems. These bags can hold in excess of 13 kilos of material. They mount easily on the weight bracket of all our dual arm cranes.

WB3 $19.99

Our WB3 is for our BackPacker and BackPacker UltraLite systems. They fit on the 3/4” square weight bars. The WB3 can hold up to 8 kilos of materials, easily enough to balance almost all DSLR systems and many small handheld camcorder.  The difference between the WB1 and WB3 is the place where the weight bolts hold the bag.

CobraCrane weightbags used to secure tripodCobraCrane Wieghtbags are used to add weight to a tripod making it more secure during crane  and jib shooting.





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