Tripods for Jib support

SteadyTracker offers a well matched lightweight, flexible, inexpensive video tripod for use with our crane systems.

The CC501 is a Manfotto 501 compatible tripod head mounted on a three stage aluminum tripod base with midlevel spreader and spiked and rubber mounted feet. This tripod is compatible with any of our Single arm CobraCrane systems, lighter weight dual arm systems and of course our BackPacker systems. This tripod features an extra long panhandle that can mount on either side of the head providing tons of extra leverage and distance allowing for super slow, fluid pans and tilts. Both pan and tilt are fully adjustable by a dampening know making adjusting on the fly easier and secure.


Swing Function

Using the panning capability of the tripod to swing the crane easily with the ability to drag or even lock when required.
dual handle mounts.  Can use two handles or one for either left or right.  Your preference

Dual Handle Mounts

Allows you to mount the handle on either side of the head. This allows you to setup the BackPacker on either the left or right side, making it easier to manage.

501 compatible release plate

3 stage Aluminum legs provide a height of almost 2 meters. With a FotoCrane Extreme, you can get your camera over 4 meters above the ground.

Interchangable Rubber and Spike feet

This tripod works great on most surfaces because of the rubber ball feet. But what really sets it apart is the ability to lock securely into the tracking dolly, allowing you easy and secure mounting using our spike slots.
501 fluid head tilt locking

Tilt Function

Tilt function offers 90 degree forward tilting and 60 degree back tilting allowing maximum Tilt Capability. The drag can easily be controlled to provide smooth tilting.

Rapid Action Lock

Quick locks for telescoping the tripod make it fast to setup and simple to break-down. This was a quality we loved when the need comes to quickly deploy cranes in the field.



3 Aluminum sections
Max height:
78"    (198cm)
Min height:
31"     (78cm)
Folded height:
38"     (97cm)
13lbs.  (6 kg)
Front tilt:
90 degrees
Back tilt:
70 degrees
Feet: Rubber and Spiked feet

Purchase with any crane and save at least 10%