Remote Control

LNC50 Professional LANC Variable Zoom and Focus controller

Lanc Controller mounted on tripod handleThe LNC50 LANC camera lens controller is a professional LANC Variable Zoom and Focus controller, that has been professionally designed to provide you with a camera remote and the ability to achieve super smooth zoom and focus. No more having to reach around your camera to zoom in or out, or to change the focus or to stop or start the video taping. Simply plug the zoom controller into the LANC jack and you are ready to take control of you camera.

The LNC50 controller is compatible with most Sony and Canon Cameras with a LanC Jack. Controls Focus, Zoom, Record, Search Forward and Backwards, Photo Mode and more without ever jarring the camera! Includes a 6’ or 12' extension cable. The LNC50 LANC Controller can be securely mounted to your tripod arm, crane handle or anywhere else you want. An easy to use spring loaded scissors mount is included. Use the LNC506 for SteadyTracker, BackPacker UltraLite, FotoCrane Extreme, Dolly , CobraCrane 1, CobraCrane 2 and CobraCrane BackPacker. Use the LNC5012 for 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot CobraCrane Plus and HD as well as CobraCrane UltraLite 12 foot systems.

Lanc includes an extension cable to fit your jib
    • Variable Zoom and Focus speeds
    • Record Pause function
    • Camera Power
    • Neutral Density
    • Search
    • Easily clamps on for quick mounting and ergonomic use
    • 6 or 12 foot extension cable included for use with CobraCranes
    • Compatible with most Sony and Canon camcorders with Lanc jack
Professional LANC controller w 6' cable LNC506



Professional LANC controller w 12' cable LNC512


Known to be compatible with: Canon ZR-1000 ZR-2000 XH A1 XH G1 XL H1 XL1 XL1s GL2 GL1 GL3 XL2 XL3 Elura 10 Elura 2 Elura 20MC Elura 2MC Elura 40MC Elura 50 Optura 100MC Optura 200MC Pi ZR-1000 ZR10 ZR25MC ZR30MC ZR40 ZR45MC ZR50MC, Sony HDR-HC1 HDR-FX1 FX5 VX2000 VX2100 VX2200 PD150 PD170 HDR-UX1 HC5 UX7 SR7 GVD-1000 GHV-D700 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX7 HC7 DRC-PC1000 RM-1BP RM1BP HDR-CX520V HDR-XR500V HDR-CX100 HDR-CX500V HDR-XR200V HDR-XR100 DVD108 HC28 SR300 RM-1BP RM1BP, HVR-V1u, HVR-Z1U and others.

The LNC50 is not compatible with Panasonic cameras or cameras requiring 8 pin Zoom and Focus control.