Quick Release systems

We have designed complimentary items that allow you to quickly change cameras or quickly change mounts. Based on the Manfrotto 501 slide plate release system. The 501 based system assumes you have a 501 compatible release plate on your camera and you want to slide it in to a CobraCrane camera bracket, one of our Cable operated Pan head kits or any steadytracker equipped with the STQR. With this approach we provide the ability to add receivers to the SteadyTracker and the CobraCrane. Just purchase the SteadyTracker Release Plate kit: STQR, which includes one receiver and one 501 compatible release plate. The plates are compatible with Manfrotto 500 series heads as well as the Manfrotto 577 release plate kit and of course our new CobraCrane 501 Tripod Systems.



501 Compatible release plate kit w/ Release Plate


Use this kit in  order to use your Manfrotto release plates with a SteadyTracker, CobraCrane, or BackPacker. The kit provides a replacement release plate for your SteadyTracker and a receiver for all SteadyTrackers, CobraCrane and ProLine systems. The new plate has a receiver where you slide the 501 release plate, which is already on the camera. This kit comes with both the receiver and the RLSP-501 plate. Additional RLSP-501 plates are available. 


SteadyTracker Quick Release Plate


Need extra SteadyTracker release plates to mount on your additional cameras? Use our replacement SteadyTracker Quick Release plates. Mount one on each camera. Each camera can now be quick released with any SteadyTrackers. This SteadyTracker Release plate is the same as the plate originally included with the SteadyTrackers.


Hybrid SteadyTracker 501 Release Plate Kit


Allows all SteadyTrackers to use 501 sliding release plates with all SteadyTrackers, making them super quick when swapping cameras.

Includes a 501 compatible sliding release plate


501 compatible release plates


Made from an aluminum casting, this plate will allow you to slide it into a Manfrotto 500 series of tripod head as well as any of our 501 compatible products such as the STQR, which adds a 501 receiver together with the release plate itself RLSP. This release plate is supplied with a 1/4” slotted camera screw.


Last years 501 release plate kit

Save over purchasing the newer style.  These units were designed a few years back and have been superceded by a better product above.  However, we still have some remaining and would are selling them for $19.99 which is the same as a release plate by itself.  So great value.