How do you pan a camera at the end of a jib?

How do you pan a camera at the end of a jib?

Add panning capability to your CobraCrane system with our new Pan Head kit. This simple, lightweight kit provides you with the ability to pan your camera 180 degrees at the end of the crane. A simple turn of the handle offers 90 degree pans left of center and 90 degrees right of center throughout the entire arc of your crane. You can even pan while tilted. Now you can pan your camera 180 degrees so you can get those tough to get shots that previously required a panning mechanism costing thousands of dollars.

Ideal for repositioning the camera when at the end of your crane. Our super simple panning kit attaches to any CobraCrane and adds the dimension of localized panning to your shots. Like everything else from the SteadyTracker company, the panning kit is easy to use and offers a great value for your money. Its smooth teflon cable operation allows you to pan the camera 90 degrees from center left and right and works even while tilted. Now you can follow your talent by either swinging the crane or panning the camera on it’s own. Also great for doing dutch rolls, where your camera is set 90 perpendicular to the crane, then using the tilt control will roll the camera.

Mechanical Pan headWeighing in at under two pounds the Pan Head kit is made of high strength, lightweight aluminum, turns on smooth encased roller bearings and supports cameras up to 6.5 pounds, so it does not add much weight to your crane. Its easy to carry and even easier to use. You simply turn the handle clockwise and the camera pans clockwise up to 90 degrees from center. Turn the handle counterclockwise and the camera pans left. You can set up the panning kit in under 5 minutes and get super cool panning shots from every angle throughout the tilt range.

We designed the unit to be trouble free and easy to setup and use. Its rugged construction will last for years and provide you with trouble free panning right away. Its simple design makes it easy to learn and with only a few minutes of practice, you will be getting the money shot on your very first shoot. The kit comes complete with handle mount assembly which mounts to the lower part of any CobraCrane; panhead mount for the camera bracket; cables, sliding 501 compatible quick release plate and all associated hardware, so its ready to go when you are.

The Cable operated Panheads are compatible with our 501 compatible release kits (STQR). These kits allow you to quick release using standard 501PL release plates. A 501PL plate is included with the 501 compatible release plate kits.   These kits are optional, but make your work much easier.


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Cable operated Panhead kit for all 5 - 8 foot cranes



Cable operated Panhead kit for all 10 - 12 foot cranes




Whats the Difference?    PH1Plus has a 2 foot longer cable. No other differences.