Low Mode Systems

Open and closed Low Mode Cages

Low Mode Open cage LMUAdd a low shooting dimension to either of the SteadyTrackers with any of our low mode options. The SteadyTracker company offers two low mode devices. These options add a number of new tools to your toolbox. Our very affordable low mode tilt cages provide an excellent platform for doing super stable, very cool low shots. For shooting the world from a dogs point of view to creating super high speed perceptions, with out the cost of expensive equipment.

Low Mode Tilt cage provides a platform to mount your camera allowing you to get stable, shake-free, close to the ground shots.

Get Cool Perception shots

LMU installed on STUGet the perception of high speed. From close to the ground, any movements are perceived as high speed in relation to the ground. Like an airplane, you only seem to be going fast when you are closer to the constant ground. Tilt the cage up and see what it like from a snake, or cat, or dogs point of view. Tilt the cage down for shots of the ground while biking or riding or of the snow when snowboarding and skiing.

    Achieve the point of view of your favorite animal
    Shoot like a predator stalking prey
    Shoot the underside of a car, or train or motorcycle
    Shoot dance rehearsals and study the steps.
    Adjustable - 360 degree titling range
    Quick and easy to install - You simply do not miss the shot
    Super lightweight - Long shoots with less fatigue
    Affordable - Under $100 for hundreds of exciting new capabilities
    Easy to Operate - No electronics or parts to wear out.
    Reliable - Always there when you need it. Never wears out.
    Very compact for traveling - One of the easiest tools to transport.


    LMX full cage for handheld camcorders

    Heavy duty open cage with tilt

    Heavy Duty Low mode tilting cage
    Our heavy duty tilt cage, is for single or three chip handheld camcorders. These work with both the SteadyTracker Extreme and the SteadyTracker UltraLite.



    LMU open Cage

    Light duty open cage with tilt

    Light duty open cage with tilt for light cameras (up to 4 lbs.) with swing out LCDs. These work with both the SteadyTracker Extreme and the SteadyTracker Ultralite.



    SteadyTracker Low Mode cages - Limited only by your imagination!