Extension Kits

3' extension kits for CobraCranes, BackPacker, BackPacker UltraLite, FotoCrane 1

Extension kits turn your 5 foot crane into an 8 foot crane. For CobraCrane BackPacker, BackPacker UltraLite and CobraCrane 1, you add the EXTKIT1 and for CobraCrane 2 you simply add the EXTKIT2.

The Extension kits add three additional feet to the overall length of the Crane and of course that relates to 3 additional feet of height, so now your CobraCrane BackPacker, BackPacker UltraLite, CobraCrane 1 and CobraCrane 2 can reach 11 feet in the air (based on 5 foot tripod height).

The Extension kits are made of lightweight, yet durable aluminum tubes, powdercoated for protection and appearance and weigh about one pound (440 gm.) per three foot lengths. The kits include an adapter to add the extension to your existing CobraCrane and an additional, longer cable to be used when the extension kits are used. The extension kits can be added to the existing crane in about 10 minutes, so you can easily switch between the 8 foot crane and the original 5 foot crane.

3 foot extension kit for SINGLE arm 5 foot cranes
(CobraCrane1, BackPacker and BackPacker UltraLite, FotoCrane 1)

3 foot extension kit for DUAL arm systems
(CobraCrane2 only)

The Extension kits work exclusively with these CobraCranes:
• Xkit1 for CobraCrane 1 (CC1) • BackPacker (CCBP) • BackPacker UltraLite (BPUL) 

• Xkit2 for CobraCrane 2 (CC2) only.

Each Kit includes the 3 foot extension, connector and Adjustable Cable.