CobraCranes for Educators

CobraCranes are an answer for schools requiring rugged, durable, easy to use and extremely affordable.   CobraCranes will simply provide the biggest results for the least budget.  CobraCranes have been in use in schools throughout the world for more than 20 years.   The reason, the same CobraCranes sold 20 years ago, still work, creating dramatic effect on every shot.  

20 years of service is simply unheard of these days, especially when you see some of the light, plastic, low cost products that will need to be replaced every year.   Our products are rugged.   Our CobraCranes are made with solid steel chassis and steel brackets.   Our UltraLite systems are made with 6061 aluminum alloy.   They are powder coated with a flat black, non reflective, protective surface to eliminate light flares and reflection cause interference. We build them here in California.  

Every day CobraCranes are used in school classes for film making, on the field with the coaches for sports, gathering news by student newspapers and used for live events such as closed circuit learning and streaming of educational material.   Every Day!  Used by hundreds of students and faculty.  Durable, and reliable.

New users work with CobraCranes everyday.   The learning curve is minute. Amazing, dramatic camera moves will be done the first and every time you and your students and staff use it.   You can teach someone the basics in under 5 minutes. Then they can teach from there.  

CobraCranes are very affordable.   Add that to the fact that they last a long time and your school is in for an exception value.   Imagine a cost per year of about $20.00.    We have an exceptional discount program for educators.  For small orders you can instantly save 10%.  But for larger considerations, please look at some of the bundles we have created exclusively for educators:


BackPackers 5' with bags


6 CobraCrane 1 - 5 foot camera cranes


BackPackers 8' w bags


CC1x - 8 foot single arm crane

6 pack CC1P

6 CobraCrane 10' w bags


10 foot long tiltable camera crane CC1P

6 pack CC1HD
6 CobraCrane 10' HD systems w bags 
$1699.99 CC1HD Heavy Duty 10 foot camera crane

6 pack CC1U112

6 CobraCrane UltraLite 12' w bags 


12 foot single arm camera crane


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