CobraCrane BackPacker Camera Jib

The BackPacker camera jib is easy to set up; creates dramatic, cinematic shots in a confined area, and can be folded up to be carried with you, wherever your shoot takes you. Not only professionals, but prosumers, hobbyists, and lots of other people with handheld video cameras and DSLRs are enjoying the great material they are creating with this small, affordable, highly effective crane arm. These are extremely popular for those that shoot with both DSLRs and Handheld professional broadcast camcorders. The BackPacker camera jib is designed for DSLRs and handheld cameras weighing up to 6.5 lbs (3kg).


Best in Class

The BackPacker camera jib is our most popular single arm crane and meets the demands of professional videographers needing both quick setup times and professional booming, sliding, swinging and tilting motions in a confined area. More demanding users choose to use the BackPacker camera jib over any other camera crane in the market today.

BackPacker with Weight bar fully retracted

BackPacker with partially retracted weight bar

Fast, Easy Setup

The BackPacker camera jib can be setup in seconds. It even fits in the bag retracted, but ready to go. Simple quick release knobs allow the weight bar to retract and extend effortlessly, making setup and breakdown fast and efficient; as well as making weight balancing and adjustment a breeze.

Works in confined areas

Obviously the BackPacker camera jib can Boom, Swing and Tilt. But it can also do it in small places. You can use one in a house to shoot a home video, or shoot a video of the home. You can set it up in a cave or a small shack and shoot nature and the outdoors. Set one up behind the bench at a high school ball game. Set one up in an operating room and shoot straight down from above. Shoot from a variety of locations for extreme sports and use the swing and tilt capability of the BackPacker camera jib to get the most dramatic extreme footage. The versatility of the BackPacker camera jib makes it a great tool for so many different types of shots.

A wide variety of people use the BackPacker camera jib

BackPacker with CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt UnitThe BackPacker camera jib is just too easy to use, too easy to carry, too effective to not be part of your work tools. You see them at weddings, and you see them at sporting events. Since they are easy to pickup and move around - even mounted on your lightweight tripod - wedding professionals love them while they are constantly moving around with their equipment. When shooting a wedding the videographer may have a small number of cameras and a huge amount of action – and its all Now! – so it makes sense to be able to quickly move your equipment for the best shots. If you need to change your equipment quickly, using any of our quick release options, you can quick release from the BackPacker camera jib to the tripod, SteadyTracker stabilizer, or any 501 compatible release plate systems in seconds. So you can keep up with the action and always be ready to capture the million dollar shot.

Carry it with youOutdoor shooters who spend a lot of time and energy hiking in and hiking out will really appreciate the BackPacker’s small size and light weight, when it comes to getting to and from the shoot. Their customers will truly appreciate the efforts when they view the incredible effects the BackPacker camera jib adds to your every shot. Our optional Back Pack (get it?) Carry Bag for the BackPacker camera jib not only comes with backpack straps, but also shoulder and carry straps making it even more convenient and easy to get your equipment to and from your remote locations.

Adventure shooters will appreciate its small size and ability to pack for those long trips where every bit of space counts. It fits easily in the trunk of your car, or the back seat floor, on your bike rack, or in a variety of close quarters when it comes to traveling.

For people who shoot real estate and homes, the Backpacker camera jib is small and easy to manage, so you can get the absolute best videos possible when presenting your product to the market. The BackPacker camera jib can get amazing shots from high or low angles and best of all it can do beautiful, smooth, marketable videos of your properties way beyond the competition. Your prospects will be living in the presentation.

BackPackers are used for all sorts of sporting events. Used in any amateur court or field sports, like football, basketball, soccer, baseball or any other wide area sport. Use a BackPacker camera jib up high in the stands to get beautiful swinging panoramic shots of high punts, kickoffs and return runs, long clutch passes and the game winning homerun. Set it up behind the bench and get the camera up and over the player’s heads and then get it down to ground level and capture the players emotion or the coach’s determination. BackPacker camera jibs can help capture the wrestler’s grit, the unbelievable shot on the billiards table, the intense focus of a figure skater, or that special smile of victory. And of course that Agony of defeat.

Tilt with Pan Handle

Swing 360 degrees

Boom independent of tilt


Compact size

Breaks down to only 42" for easy transport. Easy to transport, easy to use in confined area.


Easy to carry, can take on the plane, less cost to ship

Sets up quickly

You are ready to get the shot and don’t have to waste time assembling your gear


Made of rugged steel

Powdercoat finish

Resists scratches, eliminates reflections


Boom, Swing, variety of tilting capabilities


Optional 3 foot extension kit available to get higher reach. Optional cable operated Pan head for camera positioning

Hollow channels

Guide your cables inside the tubes for neater presentation

Versatile Mount

Works on a very wide range of tripods, benefits from fluid head


Length 152 cm / 60"
Length from pivot to camera 91cm / 36"
Construction Steel
Payload Capacity 3 kg / 6.5 lbs.
Counterbalance System Barbell weights or Optional Weight bag. (Not Included)
Height 246 cm / 96”
Boom Range From 90cm above to 90cm below tripod head
Tilt Lock Locks with existing fluid head tilt lock
Tilt Drag Drags with existing fluid head tilt drag
Tilt Range Up to 90 degrees forward, 60 degrees back
Swing Lock Locks with existing fluid head pan lock
Swing Drag Drags with existing fluid head pan drag
Swing Range 360°
Tripod Attachment Uses existing release plate
Tripod Types Works with any video tripod
Head Attachment 1/4-20 Camera Attachment (included)
Fold Down 110 cm / 42"
Weight 5.9 kilos / 12 lbs
Recommened Tripod 6.5 kilo capacity and up
Aprox. Counterweight 3.5 * your camera weight


Accessories to Enhance your Work

The BackPacker works with a variety of helpful accessories making your work easier at every step. Our Tracking Dolly takes your capabilities to the next level by providing super smooth slides and dolly moves. The dolly comes with five meters of pre-cut track and can be easily setup in less than a minute. Monitors, camera controllers, weight bags, 501 compatible release kits (STQR) and a variety of additional accessories are available to help make your work easier.

Adding remote monitoring and remote controls makes your work more enjoyable

Complete Cinematography Kits 

Our BackPacker cinematography kits are complete bundles that can include monitors, controllers, carry bags, and even tracking dollies. We have a variety of kits available combining the BackPacker with the appropriate accessories to meet your need and your budget.

Buying in bundles will provide you not only a lower cost per item, but also savings on shipping as we can put some smaller items inside some of the larger boxes, lowering the overall shipping cost.

Please call 949 510-7249 or email, for more info and to design the kit that meets your exclusive needs. 



5 foot BackPacker

  • 5 foot BackPacker


5 foot BackPacker Kit with Bag Set

  • 5 foot BackPacker 
  • 42” Padded BackPack 
  • Weight Bag


8 foot BackPacker X

  • 5 foot BackPacker
  • 3 foot Extension Kit


8 foot BackPacker X with Bag Set

  • 5 foot BackPacker
  • 3 foot Extension Kit
  • 42” Padded BackPack
  • Weight Bag


8 foot BackPacker X CC501 fluid head and tripod along with Bag Set

  • 5 foot BackPacker
  • 3 foot Extension Kit
  • 42” Padded BackPack
  • Weight Bag
  • CC501 Tripod / fluid head