This area below is for testers of the Photion Apps. 

The applications shown below are Pro apps and are available to add additional capabilities to your Rollocam H-2 system.  These app will be available for purchase on the App Store towards the end of Summer 2019.  If you have an interest in joining our testing team, please send an email to

Photion TimeLapse Documentation:

Photion TimeLapse is a full featured time-lapse creator.  It can be used on IOS 12 and above systems.  Photion TimeLapse requires permissions for Camera, Bluetooth and Photos Library access in order to save the pictures for time-lapse.

It is easier to use set up your work in Portrait mode,  all pictures can be shot either way.  

I have only tested this on iPhone Xs running IOS 12.   If you have different device there is a really great chance the UI will be different.  If you can help by providing screen shots I can try to fix these as we get closer to release.  Email is and Please include screen shot, what you were trying to do and what device this shot came from.  Thanks!!


The Main screen shows a preview from the current camera.   Choosing camera mode from the segmented controller allows you to control your camera manually based on the capabilities of the camera you use.  In the Motion Mode, you can control the motion of the device.  Menu Controls can be toggled on and off with the HUD button.

The system status is located under the HUD button. Here you will see a Track button (for tracking faces), a red or green device status LED (green when system communicating successfully with device.).  The number of shots scheduled in the current timeLapse, how many keyframes if any and the device's battery status in a percentage of full. 

The Motion Mode provides controls for Distance to move between pictures, Time Interval between pictures and a Trigger Delay, if any, before the system takes the picture after the device stops.  For shots that have exposure changes or longer exposures (which actually take time), make sure you provide enough time between shots for each exposure.

The Green slider moves the device back and forth. Speed increases as you move further away from center.

In Camera Mode, pressing the HUD button exposes the various camera controls available.  The controls are dependent on the camera device in use at the time.  Some features are not available on all cameras.  In many cases the controls need to be unlocked in order for you to change them.  When in Auto mode the system reacts and auto focusses, auto exposes and auto white balances.  The numbers you see are dynamic and show the results in real time.  Press lock in order to adjust them manually.  These controls can be manually adjusted in the keyframe editor.  (No depth yet). Depth controls are substituted for DSLR controls when using depth cameras.  Pressing the photo button will capture a photo so you can review it before executing.

Bottom Control Buttons:

Start:  Executes the time-lapse after your requested delay.  If red background, your device needs to be turned on.

Photo: Takes a picture with current settings

Keyframe:  Adds a keyframe, (a group of all settings at current time), which you can change in the keyframe mgr.

Function: Used to change settings and manage keyframes.

Camera: Changes the active Camera.  



The Camera Button exposes a list of available cameras:

Simply tap on the camera you want to use and that camera is chosen as well as any of its specific characteristics.  (No depth yetDepth is supported on all TrueDepth and dual camera systems only, while basic dslr features are available on all non depth cameras.  Photion will allow you to use a rear dual camera as both a telephoto and a wide angle camera.  So when you require wide angle choose the Back Camera.  When you need a closer shot, use the Back Telephoto lens.  Tracking is available in most all cases.   If not, let me know.

Settings:  Changes overall time-lapse settings such as total pictures and estimated frame rate along with setting delays for start and after the time-lapse is finished.  The frame rate is currently not relevant, since I have not yet done the work that will automatically put the photos together,  As of now, use an NLE to make the final time-lapse.

Tapping the function button exposes a menu of options:

This list will grow as you add new features:  Currently you can choose to manage your time-lapse, or manage individual keyframes as well as choose a background for your depth filter (No depth yet).

When you press the Keyframe button in the camera or motion sections all of the changeable characteristic are saved.

Keyframe Manager allows you to manage individual settings or any particular characteristic that you may want to change over the course of the time-lapse.    The keyframe manager allows you to alter these characteristics over the duration of your time-lapse.  Every keyframe has a picture associated with it. This picture is where the changes take place.  Selecting a keyframe takes you to a keyframe detail screen.

The keyframe detail screen allows you to change the value of any keyframe as well as change which picture that keyframe is associated with.  The left of the graph shows the keyframe at picture zero, the right circle indicates the keyframe value at the end of the time-lapse.  Individual keyframes can be added and adjusted between.  

Use the slider above to change which picture the keyframe is attached to.   (NOT YET DONE: Remove or change keyframe)

The system works in landscape mode as well as portrait.  When in landscape, please orient the phone so the the "bottom" of the phone is left.

The system saves the pictures in your photo gallery in the format you requested. A sample 1920 x 1080 video is created so you can review your time-lapse within minutes of finishing (Not yet done)  Final high end editing can be done by simply transferring images to your NLE or photo editing app. 





The simple Apps below are all compatible with Rollocam H-2 and the CobraCrane Proline systems.  The apps will be available on the App Store end of summer 2019.


The Radar app is a simple app that scans the area, like a radar system, and upon finding a face, sounds an audible alarm.  The system runs in either a full circle or any arc within that circle.


Fun with Filters

This simple app, tracks a person and adds video filters in real time to the face, making for awesome selfies.  For phones with Depth capability a variety of depth filters are available.


Silent Camera Framer

The Camera Framer provides instant real time framing for self productions.   Simply mount your phone on your camera and as you move, your camera follows you, keeping you in frame.  Creates a much more dynamic production.  Works with both  front and back cameras.


For Rollocam H-2 Free app:   

This is the free app that is included with all Rollocam H-2 systems.  It is fully supported by CobraCrane.  If you have any questions, feel free to email, or call 949 510-7249.      Click here for Rollocam H-2 App for IOS.  and click here for support for RollocamIOS