Support tips reversing crane from one side to the other

Support tips reversing crane from one side to the other

There is no "wrong" way to mount a CobraCrane camera Jib.   

Today we are gonna look at the tripod bracket and how they relate to the release plate and the cranes overall orientation.   

How do I mount the jib on the other side of the head?  Mounting your camera jib on left side

The Single arm CobraCrane can be used on BOTH the sides of the head. When the crane is mounted on the right, it allows you to use your right arm to boom and swing; and your left arm to control the tilt.  On the other hand, mounting the crane is on the left side, allows you to use your left hand to control swing and boom and your right hand controlling the tilt.   Most tripod heads allow you to change which side the pain handle is mounted.  Mount the crane in whatever way is best for you.

Camera jib mounted on right side


Changing the crane from right or left orientation to the opposite is very simply done by reversing the direction of the release plate.  Follow these three steps below.



 Step 1:

Loosen the 14mm plate bolt

reverse the release plate in order to change the direction of the cobracrane camera jib

Step 2:      

Reverse the plate orientation (notice the front of the plate now on the top

reversing the rtelease plate allows for you to install on other side opf tripod

Step 3:      

Re tighten the bolts securing the plate in its new direction

Bracket and plate ready to mount

Now the crane will slide on your head from the left side, allowing you to use the tripod handle with your right hand.

Sometime the head you are trying to use has some obstructions like the tilt drag or the handle itself limiting how far the bracket can easily slide into the plate.  The Manfrotto 502 head is particularly frustrating when this occurs.  Its not gonna stop production though. When this issue arrises, try removing the tripod handle and retrying to slide the crane onto the head.   Some times, you make have to push it on partially, then re-install the tripod arm and finish sliding the plate into the tripod head.  

There are other heads where the crane simply will not slide on from one direction, but does work in the other. When this is the case, you can simply reverse the release plate on the bracket as described above.   In most cases this will solve the issue.   I have yet to run into a head where we just did not fit, so just have patience and don't hesitate to call us if you have questions or feel confused.

I also want to cover the "tightening screw that locks the release plate on to the tripod head.   In some cases when the crane bracket is on the side of the tightening screw, the screw is obstructed from freely turning by the camera bracket.  These screws have a spring loaded ratcheting system. This means that you can pull out the knob and reset its position, thus allowing you to turn a 1/2 turn, pull it out and turn it back the half turn, then let it spring back in and again, tighten up to a half turn each time.

501 head showing spring loaded tightening screw

This knob pulls out allowing you to secure the plate to the tripod head.


Remember, call us anytime.  We are here to help.    Dana:  949 510-7249

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