Tracking Dolly version 2

Dollies: The FilmMaker’s Swiss Army Knife

CobraCrane Collapsible tracking dolly with 90 degree offset wheel sets

An Essential Tool for your Toolbox

CobraCrane dollies are an essential piece of equipment that adds dimensional shooting capabilities to the videographer or filmmaker. You can't go to a Hollywood studio and not find a dolly. They have been around for over 70 years in filmmaking.

The new LightWeight Tracking dolly is simple to use, sets up in minutes, handles a wide variety of tripods and includes both tracking wheel assemblies as well as free wheeling wheel assemblies.

The CobraCrane Tracking Dolly provides smooth, stable, and fluid motion for incredible dolly shots. The Tracking Dolly is an excellent tool for creating awesome depth of field movements. Center your subject and roll the dolly back and you have a progressively wider shot. Center the shot and move the dolly closer for super sweet, smooth close-up shots. Combining dolly moves with crane moves really will help you set your videos apart from the competition. You will be able to offer your customer virtually every move they ask for.

Dolly rolls smoothly on any 2" pipe

CobraCrane Tracking Dolly is a versatile Slider too.

If your looking to invest in a slider, think again. Since the Tracking Dolly and Crane can boom from ground level to over 14 feet AND give you side to side shots lower than any slider and, higher than any slider it's a no brainer. With CobraCrane and our new Tracking Dolly its very easy to do slider moves at any height and at any of a variety of angles. Simply boom the crane to the desired height and you are ready for the next slider move. Nothing is faster to get ready, more flexible on any type or height of shot, more elegant or a better investment.

Adjustable tripod mounts make it quick and easy to change your setup

Quick Lock Tripod Mounting 

Three quick locking tripod mounting areas provide for fast setup and securing a wide range of tripods securely to the dolly. Once inserted into the hole, a tightening bolt is locked your tripod foot into the landing area.

large soft smooth long board wheels with the wheels offset 90 degree for great grip on any 1.5 to 2.5" pipe or rail

Pivoting Tracking Wheels

The CobraCrane Tracking Dolly makes virtually no noise at all. Isolating your camera via the soft wheels eliminates vibration, providing a beautiful smooth side to side slider or dolly moves.

Six Soft LongBoard Skate wheels are combined with twelve APEX 7 bearings to offer silent, smooth dolly and slider moves. The moveable track wheels will easily adapt for use with a curved track system.

Easy grip handle and convenient leg locks make this dolly a great asset

Integrated Handle and locks

Easy to transport and easy to carry. The Tracking dolly and all the track will fit into our CobraCrane Padded BackPacks, so you can carry it with you and still have your hands free for other duties.  The simple leg locks make it easy to deploy or pack when finished.

Track width is variable and can adapt to your indoor or outdoor situation

Variable width track 

Another unique feature of this tracking dolly is that the legs can be extended or retracted as required for different width track.   Use thinner track when inside a home or confined area.  Using a wider track will provide more stability, but take up more space.  Great for out door work or where space is not limited.


Available Systems

Dolly System Ala Carte

Padded Carry BackPack

Free Wheeling dolly

CobraCrane Collapsible Freewheeling Floor dolly

Tracking Dolly - no track

CobraCrane Collapsible Dolly

Tracking Dolly with 15 feet of thinner track 18" Will fit through most door ways.

Collapsible tracking dolly with 15 feet of black pvc pipes, end caps & inserts

Tracking Dolly with 15 feet of wider track 24"  

Collapsible tracking dolly with 15 feet of black pvc pipes, end caps & inserts


Track Kit only 18"

15 feet of 2" PVC pipe track with end caps and inserts $149.99 $199.99

 Track kit Only 24"

15 feet of 2" PVC pipe track with end caps and inserts
$179.99 229.99
Additional 15 feet of track - works with any width track 15 feet of 2" PVC pipe track with end caps and inserts
$139.99 189.99
Inserts kit
4 inserts allow connection of 6 pieces of 2" pvc pipe 49.99 79.99
Inserts & End Cap kit 18"
4 inserts and 2 end caps make it easy to simply add the rails as needed 79.99 109.99
Inserts & End Cap kit 24"
4 inserts and 2 end caps make it easy to simply add the rails as needed
99.99 129.99
Dolly Wheel Sets ( for adding to a free wheeling dolly) 
90 degree offset wheels sets for any free wheeling dollies with M10 mounts

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