SteadyTracker Extreme, Camera Stabilizer for Professional Handheld Camcorders

Stable, Floating, Dreamy ShotsSteadyTracker Extreme

The SteadyTracker Extreme is used when you need to get stable, fluid, dreamy shots while the camera in motion. Its unique counterbalance design allows perfect balancing on any camera or camcorder from under 1 pound to up to 8 lbs. From your little iphone to your NX6, the SteadyTracker Extreme can meet the challenge. Best of all, you can set up and balance the system within a minute, so you never miss the shot. Plus the SteadyTracker Extreme is very cost effective. No other handheld stabilizer gives you all these features for under $100.

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Eliminates Camera Shake

The SteadyTracker Extreme can eliminate shake, yaw and roll while be held in only one hand. It features 5 shooting modes to make your every shot look like it was produced with a million dollar studio. The five shooting modes offer flexibility that is not found in any of our the competitions products for a fraction of the price. When in Flying mode, the SteadyTracker Extreme can tilt, pan, dutch and do virtually any angle imaginable all with one hand. In monopod mode you are able to capture static shots, tilts, Pans, dutches and zooms. In Self supported mode, the SteadyTracker Extreme can be left on the ground or a surface, while still holding your camera for great locked off shots. When rested on your leg, or belt, the Static Body Mounted mode allows you to use your free hand to manually adjust the zoom and focus while you are shooting. While in Periscope mode the SteadyTracker extreme sits on your shoulder and gets you a point of view about 2 feet higher than your eye, thus allowing you to “see” over fences, over crowds and on top of the world. 

Used by Professionals on PrimeTime Television

LL Cool J uses SteadyTracker on the set of NCISThe SteadyTracker Extreme is used for getting stable shots for PrimeTime television, major motion pictures, sports videography, wedding and event work, and a variety of other uses. It is being used in adventure shooting, survivor shows, and hundreds of sporting events every day. Wedding videographers love the SteadyTracker Extreme because it eliminates the shake normally associated with handheld shots, but it’s easy to simply put down on any flat surface so you can rest between shots. Event shooters love the fact that it is small enough to handle when getting in with the crowd and shooting activities like car shows, talent shows, motorcycling events, and corporate get togethers. Everyone likes the fact that they can easily changed cameras and accessories and be ready to take the next shot with out time consuming rebalancing of weights.


Balances Faster than Any Other Stabilizer

The SteadyTracker can be balanced within a minute. Even if you change the weight of the camera, you can fine balance in just seconds. This gets you into the action and keeps you in the action, never missing the shot. You never have to add any weight and you’ll never be frustrated with balancing issues. Ever!!!   The number one complaint of gimbal based systems has been how long it takes to balance and how to re-balance without missing the shot.   SteadyTrackers address those issues directly and eliminate them, keeping you in the action longer.


Easy to Transport, Easy to Store

The SteadyTracker Extreme breaks down into two smaller pieces allowing it to be transported and stored very easily. Its breakdown time is in seconds, so you are able to get finished with your job and onto something else immediately. It can easily fit in the overhead luggage compartment on the plane as well as on the backseat floor of your car. The optional padded carry bag easily handles the SteadyTracker and provides shoulder straps as well as carry handles so getting your SteadyTracker Extreme to and from the job is easy too.

Specifications SteadyTracker Extreme
SteadyTracker Height: 29".
Fuselage Length Actual Length: 24".
Fuselage Dimensions (area): 24"x7"x5"
Base Length: 22in.
Base Dimensions (area): 24"x10"x5"

Carry Weight: 3.8 Lbs.
Carry Load: from under 1 lb. To 8 Lbs.

SteadyTracker Extreme

SteadyTracker Extreme


SteadyTracker Extreme Bundle

SteadyTracker Extreme Bundle