ProLine Pan Tilt Motion Contol motorized pan tilt head


The Affordable Motion Control System

The CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt Head system is a dual axis motion control system for lightweight cameras up to about 6.5lbs. The PanTilt head provides for realTime joystick controlled motorized pan and tilt. Both axis’ can rotate more than 360 degrees as well as be constrained to any user definable degree range. Speeds can be adjusted from as slow as .05 degrees per second to more than 1 rotation per second. The system also supports stop motion for both video and user definable timelapses.

RealTime and Programmable

While real time control is great and beneficial for live shooting, especially while the pan tilt head is located at the end of CobraCrane or FotoCrane system (or virtually any other crane or jib), the real excitement of the CobraCrane Proline system is that it is completely user definable and can run planned and schedule moves as well as respond to joystick and sliding controls. These Moves can be moves that you did before and you liked and decided to save them or moves that you compose from scratch.

Punctual and time bounded

The ProLine is KeyFrame based, meaning that it can manipulate the controls of any of the axis’ over time, as well as any of the camera controls, making it do things at certain points in time, such as start tilting, or stop panning, or pan faster, open aperture wider, or a variety of other things. The system can also be influenced by other external stimuli such as the included light sensor, so you can compensate for things such as light or even a real time clock.   

Making cool multi axis timelapses are one of it’s strong points. ProLine can schedule a timelapse up to 60 hours, adding, removing or changing any axis at any time throughout the timeLapse. So for example, lets say you wanted to make a 20 hour timeLapse, you can schedule a picture to be taken every 10 minutes for 20 hours, as well as have the system adjust your camera shutter control based on the light changing throughout the timeLapse duration.

For people who shoot live events and want an affordable, reliable, quick and precise remote Pan Tilt solution for their camera, the CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt system is small and easy to manage, but allows you to get sweeping vistas, and awesome dramatic tilts with ease. Multiple speeds allow you to have quick and responsive action for live events and yet still be able to “gear” down to truly low, very dramatic speeds.

Every One Needs a Break

When you want to take a break, simply set the ProLine to Pan slowly from location to any other for a duration or virtually indefinitely. This gives the operator a some time to go grab some coffee or take care of business, while ProLine stays with the action. Over time, you can build a series of moves that you can have the ProLine execute, while you are doing something else.

For those folks who are planning their shots and want to use motion control at a precise and predictable approach, our Move editor allows you to work directly as low as frame level and make adjustments to any or all of the axis’ and controls and have those adjustments effective over time. You set the start and end, set the duration and ProLine will interpolate the positions and run the move, precisely again, and again.

For those people between Real Time and programmable. If you like the move you just made, simply tell the ProLine to rerun what it just did. This allows you to start building a move with something that you already tried and liked and want to save for other shots later. You can also, simply press the “Add KeyFrame” button and the system will remember this point, then at some other time, you tell it to “remember now” again, and it will create a move from the initial Remember Now button to the current one. Now you have a move already done. Later if you want you can edit that move in the move editor.

Good Communication Skills

Using BlueTooth communications you can set any of the parameters of the Pan Tilt using a your Android or iPhone phone or tablet . The BlueTooth can be used for continuous updating to your App as well as receiving commands from the App. A USB port is included for updating firmware and also to optionally drive your camera via USB, so you also will have control of things like Aperture, Iris, shutter speed, zoom and focus (where camera applicable), allowing you to set your camera controls providing a way for the camera to react to time commands. The standard system also includes a connection port for plugging into additional ProLine systems.


The Best is Yet to Come

These are just some of the things the CobraCrane Proline is capable of now. But the future awaits. As mentioned earlier the firmware is field upgradable as is the app, and best of all, its all open source. This means that anyone can write software for the system and anyone can write Apps that make it do even more. Some of the features we plan to add later include integration with other motion control systems such as our sliders, dollies and autoCranes, object tracking in real time, repeatable motion, stacking moves, so you can schedule a who 60 hours of moves, based on at any time, do this, then at some other time, do that, etc. These allow you to make precise, repeatable moves that allow you to do multiple shots over time at the same place. You can just imagine the possibilities.

Upgradable to protect your investment

We built the system to be affordable and to grow as a platform, protecting your investment and creating a long term tool that will grow and enhance as your needs reflect. Our big picture objective is create a stable platform that people can easily download and share with others. Thats why we made it open Source and simple to use. Updated firmware is and will stay completely free and apps from us will have no cost.

This is the beginning of a line of cool new systems from CobraCrane in the ProLine area. Each of the systems will interact with others. As of now we are releasing the SteadySlider and the ProLine PanTilt, but have plans and projects in the works for a wide variety of tools and platforms all interchangeable and all able to work together sharing resources and sensors.

Email us if you like textfiles of the firmware code.

Built for the Professional

The system has been designed to minimize cables and wires, and to provide multiple rotations on any axis without pulling cables out of cameras or creating other issues. We use hollow axles to allow for cable flow, so the axis can be rotated over and over with out issue.

To minimize noise and vibration, we eliminated noisy gears and servos. We use small, quiet and very strong stepper motors, and run them via small aluminum pulleys and quiet, 9mm rubber timing belts, providing for excellent transmission of power without noticeable vibration and virtually no noise. We mount the pulleys and belts inside to eliminate the chance of anything getting caught or anything else that could potentially ruin the shot. The camera bracket is adjustable to get best center of gravity balance as well as allowing rolling your dslr by mounting it 90degrees off center. Using the adjuster, you can get your lense to roll perfectly within the frame, making for very cool rolling shots.


Compact size

Designed for use with high performance DSLRs.


Easy to carry, can take on the plane, easy to ship

Sets up quickly

You are ready to get the shot and don’t have to waste time assembling your gear


Made of Carbon fiber and CNCed aluminum

Powdercoat finish

Resists scratches, eliminates reflections

Stepper Motors

Precise, Quiet, and powerful, variable speed


Connects to other ProLine equipment to create affordable, programmable, precise multi Axis motion control system

Hollow channels

Guide your cables inside the tubes for neater presentation

Versatile Mount

Works on a very wide range of tripods, Dollies, sliders, CobraCranes, FotoCranes and other applications


Total Height from Base 13.375"
Base to Pan Arm 3.25"
Total Width 8.5"
Total Depth 3"
Camera Plate Width 5.75"
Construction Aluminum and Carbon Fiber
Payload Capacity 6.5 lbs. 3kg
Weight 3.9lbs. 1.7kg
Camera Stage radius variable: 1" - 4”
Pan Lock Motor keeps position when not being moved
Pan Range More than 360 degrees all directions
Pan Speed .05 degrees / second - 1 rotation per second
Tilt Lock Motor keeps position when not being moved
Tilt Speed .05 degrees / second - 1 rotation per second
Tilt Range More than 360 degrees all directions, All ranges constrainable
Tripod Attachment connects via 1/4" or 3/8 screw
Tripod Types Works with any photo or video tripod
Recommended Tripod 6.5 kilo capacity and up

Accessories to Enhance your Work

The CobraCrane ProLine Pan Tilt Head system is compatible with all CobraCrane systems including BackPacker. The Pan Tilt Head system works on all FotoCrane HDs, FotoCrane1 and FotoCrane 2. We have not yet done much testing with other cranes, but will do out best to get more info as we get it. We certainly encourage anyone with some compatibility info to share with us. Our Tracking Dolly takes your capabilities to the next level by providing super smooth slides and dolly moves. The dolly comes with five meters of pre-cut track and can be easily setup in less than a minute. The Pan Tilt connects to the built in controller that is included with any of our ProLine SteadySliders and dollys. Adding an external monitor makes it much easier to frame and focus when the camera and head are remote, such as on a crane. Monitors, camera controllers, Weight bags and a variety of additional accessories are available to help make your work easier.


ProLine PanTilt with Crane mount for CobraCranes or Tripod

ProLine PanTilt Head
Mount system for CobraCranes


ProLine Road Map

ProLine Road Map

2015 ProLine Controller Released
Rev 1 release Nov 15, 2015
Real Time Control
Preset moves
Individual Moves
Multiple Moves (movestack)
Cloud Storage
Pan Tilt Head Released
SteadySlider Released
Feedback and evaluation
Rev 1.x (fixes and refinements from early adopters)


ProLine Controller Rev 2 (in process now)
Intervalometer support
i2C support, spi support
App sharing
Updated Motorized Dolly
App Rev 2 
Rev 2.x (fixes and refinements)
Cloud Manager: easy sharing / secure storage
Lanc Control

Wifi enabled
synchronized TurnTable 
Additional Sensor triggers
Alternative Joystick Support
Tracking software Update
add support for USB camera Control
ProLine Controller Rev 3
infinite Axis Controller
Infinite Sensors
Wireless comms
9 degrees of Freedom support
Motorized Cranes w/ multiple axis gimbal
AutoCrane multiple Axis Crane system
App Rev 3