BackPacker UltraLite SVN Promo

BackPacker UltraLite

The easiest, most affordable way to enhance your productions




The BackPacker UltraLite camera jib is so easy to use, you will able to create amazing videos in just minutes. 

The BackPacker UltraLite was created to be the most effective and easiest way to put your smart phone, DSLR and GoPro in motion to capture highly dramatic, awesome videos.

 Holiday Promotional items:

BackPacker UltraLite
  • 5 foot Camera Jib (save $100)


BackPacker UltraLite 
w/Bag Set
  • 5 foot Camera Jib (save $120)
  • Free Bag Set Promo


BackPacker UltraLite X
  • 5 foot Camera Jib (save $150)
  • 3 ft. extension kit .9 meters


BackPacker UltraLite X
w/Bag Set
  • 5 foot Camera Jib (save $160)
  • 3 ft. extension kit .9 meters
  • 43" Paddy Carry Backpack
  • Weight Bag kit for BackPacker 


BackPacker UltraLite
w/ CC501 Tripod
  • 5 foot Camera Jib (save $200)
  • CC501 Tripod head
  • 3 stage aluminum legs
  • Spreader
  • rubber and spiked feet




Telescopic Aluminum Tubes

The BackPacker UltraLite camera jib uses a telescoping aluminum rectangular tube system allowing variable lengths from 40 to 60 inches) .

Small and Easy to Transport

The BackPacker UltraLite weighs less than 5 lbs making it easy to transport and simple to store.

Multiple Camera Mounts

Cameras can be mounted directly on the camera bracket via a slot for quick release, or via a wide variety of other mounts. A wide variety of mouting solutions are available. 

Manual or Static Tilting

You can lock the tilt in any position, or you can manually tilt the camera benefiting from the drag of your fluid head causing the camera to tilt forward or back. 

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