BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot ultralite camera jib for SmartPhones, GoPros & small DSLRs

BackPacker UltraLite

Half the weight of the CobraCrane BackPacker

The BackPacker UltraLite camera jib is easy to use, economical solution for upstart filmmakers, hobbyists, and Professionals looking for small lightweight or second crane systems. The BackPacker UltraLite camera jib is an ideal solution for lighter cameras and since it works with lightweight low cost video tripods, it has a very low total cost of ownership. Full systems are available with tripods for under $500.

The BackPacker UltraLite was created as a result of customer feedback requesting a super small, very lightweight, extremely affordable cinematography solution for weddings filmmaking, run-and-gun shooting and a wide variety of commercial applications. Many of these folks had tried some of the round tubular cranes for their smart phone and Go Pro shots and were not happy with quality of the product and the fact that when tilting the whole boom had to move. They appreciated the CobraCranes ability to tilt both manually or when locked with the tripod head, tilts as required to keep the subject in frame, but were asking for a much lighter, telescopic crane for use with considerably lighter cameras.

One of the nicest features of the BackPacker UltraLite is by using the weight bag and the telescoping weight bar, the BackPacker UltraLite could be balanced without carrying any barbell weights at all.

"Just pack some oranges, apples and water bottles and you're good to go." - Jess, adventure shooter, in the Sierra mountains north of LA.

Telescopic Aluminum Tubes

The BackPacker UltraLite camera jib uses a telescoping aluminum rectangular tube system. The weight bar section telescopes in and out of the chassis section allowing variable lengths from 152cm (60 inches) to 100cm (3 feet) so it can meet a wide range of applications. The weight bar can be adjusted allowing for easy and quick balancing and setup.

Small and Easy to Transport

The BackPacker UltraLite weighs less than 2 kilos, making it easy to transport. With a retracted size of only 100 centimeters it’s also easy to store and can fit behind almost anything, so it does not take up a lot of room when you are transporting or storing.

Multiple Camera Mounts

Cameras can be mounted directly on the camera bracket via a slot for quick release, or via a wide variety of other mounts. A small tripod head can be mounted on the camera bracket and the camera mounted on the head. Small electric pan tilt heads are supported as well as our 501 release plate systems, allowing you to quick release using your 501 sliding plate. The BackPacker UltraLite camera crane also supports the Glif iPhone mount, allowing you to use your iPhone or iPad to shoot. A wide variety of additional solutions are available. Give any of us a call and we can talk about these mount adapters in detail.

Manual or Static Tilting

You can lock the tilt in any position, so that it stays where you set it in relation to the movement of the boom, or you can manually tilt the camera benefiting from the drag of your fluid head causing the camera to tilt forward or back. You can even tilt while booming and you can do it very smoothly because when you tilt the handle you actually tilt the tripod head, so if you like tilting with lots of drag or just a little, you can easily select the drag at your leisure, meeting any shooting requirement.


The crane can be mounted on virtually any medium or heavy-duty video tripod. We run them on small Benros, Davis and Sanford, CCUSA, E-Image and Manfrotto among others. Being able to work with these lightweight affordable tripod systems makes the whole system considerably more affordable than some of the other heavier units out there.








Compact size Telescopes down to only 100cm for easy transport.
Easy to transport Easy to use in confined area.
Lightweight Made of Lightweight Aluminum. Weight: 5kg
Sets up quickly You are ready to get the shot and don’t have to waste time assembling your gear.
Powdercoat finish Resists scratches, eliminates reflections.
Multi function Boom, Swing, variety of tilting capabilities.
Variable Length From 100 cm to 152cm, adapts to your needs
Versatile mount Works on a very wide range of medium and heavy duty tripods.
Smooth Movement Benefits from drag of your fluid heads.



BackPacker UltraLite

Length 152 cm to 100 cm / 8 feet to 3.5 feet
Length from pivot to camera From 90 cm / 3 feet
Construction Aluminum
Payload Capacity 2.5 kg / 5 lbs
Counterbalance System Barbell weights or Optional Weight bag (Not Included)
Height 246 cm / 8 feet
Boom Range From 246 cm to ground / 8 feet from ground level
Tilt Lock Locks with existing fluid head tilt lock
Tilt Drag Drags with existing fluid head tilt drag
Tilt Range Up to 90 degrees forward, 60 degrees back
Swing Lock Locks with existing fluid head pan lock
Swing Drag Drags with existing fluid head pan drag
Swing Range 360°
Tripod Attachment Uses existing release plate
Tripod Types Works with any lightweight to heavy duty video tripod
Head Attachment 1/4-20 Camera Attachment (included)
Fold Down 1.1 meters / 42 inches
Weight 1.8 kilos / 4 lbs.
Recommended Tripod 6 kilo capacity and up
Aprox. Counterweight 1.5 - 2.5 * your camera weight / w/extension

Accessories to Enhance your Work

The BackPacker UltraLite works with a variety of helpful accessories making your work easier at every step. Our Tracking Dolly takes your capabilities to the next level by providing super smooth slides and dolly moves. The dolly comes with five meters of pre-cut track and can be easily setup in less than a minute. Monitors, camera controllers, weight bags, 501 compatible release kits (STQR) and a variety of additional accessories are available to help make your work easier.

Complete Cinematography Kits are available now!

Our Cinematography kits are complete kits that can include monitors, controllers, carry bags, and even tracking dollies. We have a variety of kits available combining the BackPacker UltraLite with the appropriate accessories to meet your need and your budget. If you don't see what you need, call us 949 510-7249. We will make one for you.

BackPacker UltraLite
  • BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot Camera Jib


BackPacker UltraLite 
w/Bag Set
  • BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot Camera Jib
  • Free Bag Set Promo


BackPacker UltraLite X
  • BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot Camera Jib
  • 3 ft. extension kit .9 meters


BackPacker UltraLite X
w/Bag Set
  • BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot Camera Jib
  • 3 ft. extension kit .9 meters
  • 43" Paddy Carry Backpack
  • Weight Bag kit for BackPacker 


BackPacker UltraLite
w/ CC501 Tripod
  • BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot Camera Jib
  • CC501 Tripod head
  • 3 stage aluminum legs
  • Spreader
  • rubber and spiked feet