For the filmmaker on the go, the CC Backpacker is going to be your best friend as it is easy and efficient to carry around your shoots. It has the ability to pan your camera 360 degrees making those tough-to-get shots possible. All this at a very cost-effective price.


  • Mirrorless Cameras
  • Video Camcorders
  • DSLRs

Location Shoot
Extreme Weather

  • CC BackPacker UntraLite
  • Weightbags
  • Pan * Tilt Kit
  • Dolly
  • Tripod
Compact Size

The CC BACKPACKER can easily be broken down for easy transport to your filming locations.


Light and easy to carry especially on planes. Due to its lightweight, shipping fee costs less as well.

Quick Setup

Unlike traditional cranes which require countless tools to set up, our cranes are quick and easy to assemble which allows you to spend more time shooting than wasting your time assembling the crane.


Our cranes are made of rugged steel guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Powdercoat Finish

Due to our powdercoat finish, our cranes are able to resist scratches and eliminate reflections so you don’t have to worry about rough shooting locations.


Our cranes have the ability to boom swing, and a variety of other tilting capabilities to suit all your shooting angles.


You have the option of attaching a 3 foot extension kit to get a higher reach. Cable operated pan head for a more precise camera positioning is also another available option.

Versatile Mount

Works on a very wide range tripods, benefits from fluid head.

Hollow Channels

The hollow channel feature allows you to guide your cables inside the tubes for a more professional presentation.

Lifetime Warranty

We at CobraCrane guarantee our products will serve and last you a lifetime.

Weight6.5 lbs.
Load Capacity6.5 lbs.
Collapsed Length42”
Total Vertical Movement96”
Swing Range360 degrees

Suggested Accessories