CobraCraneTM Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To design, produce and distribute the most cost effective camera support and control systems increasing the production value and significantly enhancing the cinematic capabilities of video professionals worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to Keep Inventing Simpler Solutions pertaining to camera support and control systems, offering the digital filmmaker and production professional the tools required to get shots, angles and moves you could not get any other way for a price that is simply unbeatable. To offer smaller facilities with economical tools to cost effectively create higher quality product than the competing companies. To showcase affordable, durable, high value American made Camera Motion Equipment.


"CobraCraneTM provides the tools that will allow filmmakers to create compelling stories through motion and technology."

Our Story

The CobraCrane International Company and SteadyTracker Company is a family business that is built on the foundation of strategic and creative minds to design and provide products to enhance the value of any video project. Father-Daughter duo turned business partners, Dana and Jeanine, strive to provide a quality, cost effective, product while holding onto their shared value of excellent customer service.

What's Next?

In 2016 we continue to perfect the ProLine motion control systems. In 2015 we initially released our new CobraCrane ProLine motion control systems including the new SteadySlider and PanTilt Units, featuring both real time and remote programmable control for looping, timelapse, stop action, repeatable work and a wide variety of other precise motion control work. Now we add more features and perfect the software and the interface.

In 2016 we are now providing live support past business hours in the US. Just Skype us at SteadyTracker or email You can even call us on our mobile at 949-510-7249. 2016 we aim to provide super affordability, useful feature updates, very aggressive pricing and prove that we can provide a fine, rugged, US built product at a truly affordable price that out feature and certainly outlasts the competition.Thanks again to all of you for your interest and your business. We certainly appreciate it. Remember you can call Dana or Jeanine at anytime: 949-510-7249

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If you got something to tell us, please let us know. We need to know what you want so we can continually improve our products to best meet your needs. Dana and Jeanine are always open to answer questions or hear any comments that you might have about the products.


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