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SteadyTrackers eliminate shake when your camera is in motion.

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Need to take amazingly smooth motion shots? Making the most out of every shot is what you want. That’s why you bought that camera. You need to maximize your time, take advantage of the opportunity, and never miss the shot! And, you want the footage you take to look great. The SteadyTracker camera stabilizer can help you do that. The SteadyTracker camera stabilizer can help you get smoother, cooler, more dramatic shots immediately. Setup and balance is finished in about a minute, so you are ready for the shot and with the SteadyTracker camera stabilizer your shots are going look great.   SteadyTracker camera stabilizers are easy to setup, easy to carry and easy to use.

The SteadyTracker camera stabilizer is a simple, lightweight counter balance device designed to eliminate shake, roll and yaw when doing handheld shots. It’s unique design balances the camera in relation to the operator to eliminate camera shake while the camera operator is in motion. Your shots are smoother, fluid like, and appear to be floating. It adds significant production value to virtually every handheld shot you make. And that adds value to your shots - and your business.

Handheld shots are inherently shaky when in motion. The SteadyTracker camera stabilizer helps eliminate those shakes. SteadyTracker camera stabilizers are used when you need to get smooth shots while the camera operator is in motion. While walking, riding, skiing, snowboarding, or running full out, a SteadyTracker camera stabilizer will help you get incredible footage. The kind of shots that gets the jobs. While shooting a wedding, the SteadyTracker camera stabilizer is invaluable. Your always on the go at a wedding. With SteadyTracker all those on the go shots are beautiful, the material looks like your camera was floating. Shoot some great footage, put it down, relax, work with your subjects, pick it up and shoot more. Shoot angles, tilts, roll the camera, dutch it. All simple and easy to do with a SteadyTracker.

Who uses SteadyTrackers?

SteadyTracker camera stabilizers have been in use for over 20 years in Hollywood and all over the world. Used today by Hollywood filmmakers, television producers, event videographers, ENG news journalists, sports shooters, photographers and hobbyists.  SteadyTrackers are on the job right now at a top 10 prime time US tv drama series. Right now a SteadyTracker is being used shooting incredible shots of high school football, getting smooth motion shots during ice skating, capturing incredible, emotional videos of snowboarders, surfers, runners and wrestlers competing.

Right now a SteadyTracker is being used to shoot the wedding of a young couple who was referred to that videographer by some friends who had him cover their wedding a few weeks ago. From Sydney to San Jose, Hollywood to HongKong, SteadyTrackers are doing their part to help make thousands of videos better.

How does it work?

The design and weight of the stand provides a counter balance to the camera, which provides a smooth, ergonomically correct method of shooting complimenting the way you work. Remember that a body in motion tends to stay in motion? Well think of your camera as you are holding it up eye level to monitor it, and your walking forward, every step you take, your arm wants to continue to move forward.

When you stop, your arm goes forward and your camera tilts down. When you have a counter balance on the bottom of a post, balanced to the weight of the camera, this counterbalance also tends to want to keep in motion, thus countering the inertial effect on the camera. In the end the camera shakes and rolls and yaws a whole lot less. Bottom line: Your footage is better. Your videos look better. Your get more recognition, more gratitude from your customer, more respect from your colleagues, more interest from prospects and more jobs.

Is it heavy?

Its not heavy. By itself, definitely not heavy. Our heaviest unit weighs 1.3 kilograms (3 pounds). Every stabilizer has some weight. The SteadyTracker camera stabilizer is just lighter than others because of its all aluminum construction. The SteadyTracker camera stabilizer will stand on its own, you can simply put it down if you need to rest between shots. Since you never have to add any weight to balance it, the SteadyTracker never gets heavier. Whether your camera is a small single chip camcorder, heavier DSLR or any of the wonderful handheld pro cameras you simply never have to add any more weight.

Is it easy and quick to setup?

Having your tools readily available is important and the SteadyTracker is ready, willing and able when you are. The most popular complaints to all the gimbal mount competitors is that it takes more time to setup and balance a gimbal mounted stabilizer.   Many camera operators are truly frustrated with the amount of time it takes to balance.    The SteadyTracker was designed with the Professional in mind, so it can be setup and balanced within 1 minute, getting you in and out of the job quicker than any other stabilizer.   Change cameras, batteries, or lenses and the SteadyTracker can be rebalanced in under a minute.  No other professional stabilizer can even come close.

Whats the learning curve?

You can learn to use a SteadyTracker in minutes and with some practice, you will be shooting dramatic, floating, cinematic perfection the first day. No need to get used to a gimble or a gyro, since the SteadyTracker simply uses your wrist as the gimbal. No better gimbal has yet to be designed.

Which one is right for me?

The SteadyTracker Extreme camera stabilizer is for larger DSLRs and professional handheld 3 chip camcorders. Anything weighing up to 8 lbs.

The SteadyTracker UltraLite is for any small camera, video palmcorders, small 3 chip camcorders and even professional DSLRs weighing up to 5 lbs.

SteadyTrackers Get the Shots that Get the Jobs, just ask Davey...

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